DIY: Seating Plan

Another thing that we decided to DIY for our wedding was the table seating plan. The seating plan is something that people can go quite elaborate with and there are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest, but we wanted something quite simple and rustic for our teepee wedding venue.

The materials we used were:

A wooden apple crate

Kraft Card


Mini pegs


We wrote all of the names on the kraft card in white pen and nailed the string to the edges of the crate. Then we just used the mini pegs to arrange the tables along the string. I also found a simple wooden heart on a piece of string which we nailed to the top.

As it was a sunny day, the seating plan went outside on the table with the welcome drinks, so our guests wouldn’t miss it!


Wedding Seating Plan

I hope you liked this idea for a DIY wedding table seating plan. You can see below some other great ideas we’ve found on Pinterest!

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