5 Tips For Brides On Your Big Day

We’ve rounded up some of our best bits of advice for brides on your big day. Take a look at these 5 tips to make sure your day really is the best day ever. 

1. Make sure someone other than you knows the whole plan for the day.

You’ve spent months leading up it, planning all of the meticulous details, but the last thing you want on the day is to be sergeant major, co-ordinating everyone and making sure timings are being stuck to. You may choose to have a wedding co-ordinator for the day, or you might nominate friends and family, but make sure you have someone you can trust to be in charge!

2. Hide a pair of flats for later.

My own wedding reception was held in a tipi in a field, so not exactly appropriate for high heels. It’s also a long day, and if your anything like me, you get grumpy when your feet hurt. However I wanted a nice pair of shoes to walk down the aisle in! The morning of the wedding I got one of the best men to hide a pair of ballet pumps under my chair at the reception so I could change when I got there. Some of the guests noticed this before I got there and thought it was very funny. I guess I’m kinda practical…

3. Think about your energy levels.

The morning preparation can be so hectic and busy, plus full of excitement and anxiety, breakfast may not be top of your priority list. Before you know it it’s 12.30 and you’re on your way to the ceremony, with nothing in you but a glass or 2 of Prosecco. I get headaches, dizziness and feel sick when I’ve not eaten, so, fully expecting this, my mum had a packet of fruit polos in her bag to make sure I didn’t pass out!

4. Take a few moments to stand back and take it all in.

You won’t get to do this again, so make sure you take some time with your husband (eek) to take a step back and watch everything you have so lovingly planned come together, with your friends and family there to enjoy it. The whole day can be such a blur, these are the moments you will be thankful for after the day, as you will actually be able to remember them!

5. Relax!

At the end of the day, you will be married to the one you love, and you will have shared the day with the people who mean the most to you. So what if the peach puree didn’t go in the Bellini cocktails (yes this was my wedding), you didn’t cut the cake (also my wedding) or if you had completely over ordered on food so people didn’t really eat the wood fired pizzas at 9pm (yep, this one was also me…) the aim of the day is to get married to the one you love, everything else is just minor in comparison.

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