Blogging Bride: Meet Nadia & Phil

One of the regular features on The Wedding Edition will be following real brides and grooms as they plan their big day. Meet the first of our couples: Nadia and Phil from York.

Here, Nadia tells us a little about them:

We’ve been together for about 2.5 years. We originally met through friends about 5 years ago but then met again when we were both out in York one evening having drinks with friends. He asked me out for a drink and what should have been “one drink” turned into hours of conversation and a pub crawl around our favourite drinking spots – the rest is history!

Phil and I both share a real passion for travel, many of our early dates were filled with conversations about the places we had visited and the places we were still yet to discover. Unfortunately Phil and I don’t share the same passion when it comes to football; in fact we support opposing Merseyside teams!

Phil proposed to me the day before my 26th Birthday. We had booked to go away for the weekend to the Lake District. On the Sunday morning we had decided to take the ferry from Bowness to Ambleside, Ambleside was somewhere that was very special to Phil as it was a place that he used to visit often with his mum. We were walking along the side of the lake looking at all the boats, Phil sharing old stories with me from when he used to visit with his mum when he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. Shocked is an understatement, I was not expecting it at all!

Every girl has an idea in mind of a ring that she would like.

My ring is nothing like I had imagined, its better! Phil roped in a couple of our close friends to help him with ring shopping, as I don’t really wear much jewellery, Phil had no idea of my ring size. Sneakily Phil had his friends’ wife convince me to try on her engagement ring one night while we were out in York catching up over a few drinks (so that I wouldn’t remember doing so). The ring was a perfect match and Phil, with his friend’s wife, was able to buy my ring that fits perfectly!

Engagement Ring

As travel is such a large part of our lives, we’d like a wedding with a travel theme, with lots of spring colours. We’ve set the date for May 2017 so lots of time to plan. Were getting married locally here in York and are hoping to be joined by all our friends and family.

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