Matching your men to your maids

Should the bridesmaids match the groomsmen? Traditionally, the groomsmen wear colours that match with the bridesmaid dresses, but with such a huge variety of wedding styles, is this really necessary? 

I had a friend contact me today, getting quite anxious as her fiance had chosen a colour for the men that wasn’t what she had in mind for her bridesmaids, which got me thinking. For my own wedding, our bridesmaids were in a kind of nude pink dress, while the men had grey suits with a sage green cravat. I didn’t mind at all that they weren’t the same colour. These were the colours that we had in lots of various elements throughout the day, so I didn’t think it was important that the bridesmaids didn’t match the groomsmen.

Most couples will want their day to have a cohesive style, which could work for your bridal party too, however this doesn’t necessarily mean in colour. If your girls will be rocking a vintage vibe, a cool retro style suit would be ideal for the guys. If you having a glitzy ballgown theme, consider a classic back tux for the men.

At the end of the day, it is YOUR wedding. You should have whatever you think looks nice, and not worry too much about certain traditions or conventions, have things your way.


Image via Pinterest


Image via Pinterest


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