Mini-Moon in Sark

I got married last May, after planning the wedding in about 7 months. We had the type of wedding where we did everything. It wasn’t in a hotel, it was in a tipi in a field, so we had to source everything, from the caterers, to the bar, to the band and the Prosecco, there was a lot of organising and decisions that went into our big day. I loved it though, I’m a planner and an organiser so I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The same goes for our honeymoon. We’ve never had the type of holiday where we sit on the beach for a week or 2. Previous holiday have included road tripping down the Californian coast, city hopping in Europe and driving through the Florida Keys, so two weeks sitting on a beach on the Maldives definitely wasn’t going to be on our agenda. (Don’t get me wrong I’d love to go to the Maldives, but we felt our honeymoon had to represent us). We’re going for almost 3 weeks to Italy, visiting lots of different cities, beaches and the countryside, I’ve written more about our itinerary here. This type of holiday, however, takes a serious amount of planning, so we decided we’d wait and plan it after the wedding. We didn’t want it to take second place to the wedding and felt we needed more time to be able to plan it just how we wanted it. We’re going for our first anniversary, and setting off on Sunday – EEEK!

So, back to the point, after our wedding in May last year, we booked a mini-moon. Planning the wedding was a super busy time, we also moved house the weekend before the wedding, and got married in a different area of the country to where we currently live… It’s no wonder I got ill just before the wedding, but you could say we don’t do things by halves! So, we wanted to go somewhere we could totally switch off, do nothing for a few days, and spend our first week together as husband and wife.

A few years ago (more than I would like to admit), after graduating from uni, I took a summer job on an island I had never heard of. Sark is the smallest of the Channel Islands; it really is tiny at only 2.1 square miles! The island is car free, you get around by horse and cart or bicycle, with a few tractors here are there. It is like going back in time. Perfect for switching off. It’s also beautiful and I always said I would take my husband there one day. You get there by boat from the other Channel Islands, so 2 days after our wedding we drove down to Poole to catch the ferry to Guernsey.

We spent our days on Sark hiring bikes and exploring, sunning by the pool, eating lobster and drinking Prosecco. We even took an evening horse drawn carriage ride to see the stars,. Sark is a stunning place to see the stars as it it a ‘dark sky island’ meaning that there are no street lights anywhere, and no light pollution from cars etc. It really was the most perfect start to our Mr & Mrs! We stayed at Stocks Hotel, which had a refurbishment a few years ago and really is a fantastic place. The rooms are beautiful, the staff are the friendliest I’ve ever met, the pool is idyllic and the food absolutely divine. If you are looking for a few days away, for relaxation and switching off, then I 100% recommend to go here. It’s ideal for a mini-moon, to relax after all that wedding planning, but it’s also perfect for anyone needing a few days away from it all.

I took a few pictures, but not loads, as like I said we were switching off. Here a few of the ones I took. I don’t think they do it justice, but hopefully it will give you an idea of the magic of Sark.

Welcome gift from Stock's hotel in Sark

Crab sandwiches in the sun at Stocks hotel in Sark

Champagne by the pool at Stocks hotel in Sark

Relaxing in the sun at Stocks hotel in Sark Lobster for dinner at Stocks hotel in Sark

View over the sea in Sark

A rocky cove in Sark

Beautiful view over the sea from Sark

A hidden beach in Sark

Panoramic view from Sark

One of many tractors in Sark

Amazing blue water at a hidden beach in Sark

Cave in Sark

La Coupée linking Greater and Little Sark

Cycle park in the woods on Sark

Carl Hester's golden postbox in Sark


Chief Pleas and Seneschal’s Court in Sark


The only jail in Sark

Bikes in Sark

Stocks Hotel, Sark

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