Wedding Day Beauty Essentials

I was given a little bit of advice by my make-up artist on my wedding day, which I thought I would share with you today. It’s a really long day and the likelihood is you will have had your make up done at about 10am, which is meant to last you all day and well into the night. Whether you have hired a make up artist or are doing it yourself, make sure you stash these beauty essentials to get you through the day.


If you’ve got a really good base, it should hopefully last you all day, but a translucent powder is a must to keep any shine at bay. This is something that is more likely to show up in photos, and you’ve likely hired a photographer to capture your whole day, so make sure a simple powder is on hand. I’ve never worn a powder before, so for me a last minute dash to my local MAC counter was in order!


The few days/weeks leading up to the wedding can be pretty stressful, so don’t be surprised if a few stress spots start to appear. I actually got a cold before our wedding, so had a bright red nose and dark circles under my eyes! I had an amazing make up artist who definitely did work magic, but with being a bit sniffly throughout the day, it was good to have a concealer to be able to top up.


Your wedding day make up will be applied to last all day, but the one product which doesn’t have that kind of staying power is lipstick. If you are having a make up trial, be sure to find out the brand and shade you will be wearing on the day so you can purchase one in advance. I have to admit, I’m pretty terrible at remembering to do things like top up my lipstick, so even though I didn’t actually reapply, I really like owning my ‘wedding lipstick’!

Waterproof Mascara

I feel like this last one may be pretty obvious, but there will be moments throughout the day when you will almost definitely need it. I had tears in my eyes when saying my vows and throughout the speeches. The worst thing would have been for black streaks down my face too! A good waterproof mascara is most definitely a wedding day beauty essential, plus will come in handy for your honeymoon too.


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  • Reply Theresa Rotolo

    After working a few (ok many) weddings in my early 20’s I learned a few things to keep in a tote in my car when I worked them. Everything on your list is a must! Give your mom or MOH a make up bag with the essentials. Also hair pins, bobby pins, a small sewing kit, safety pins, combs and brushes and hair spray for touch ups. Some small band aids and if you are wearing stockings, a few extra pairs of those as well. Batteries/ chargers for cameras & phones and other “essentials” the bridal party might use especially during the reception. I call it the emergency bride bag. Be sure I am packing mine for our big day. Infact I am using my Mary Kay roll up bag. It has four clear zipper pouches that you can pull out…or velcro back in to keep all together. One will be make up essentials, one hair, one sewing, and one for any other essentials. Any kind of “roll up bag” will work- I am sure there are many brands that make them.

    May 17, 2016 at 5:23 pm
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